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Specialising in harmonic and dynamic movement training.
Mind for Motion holistic personal training:
Tailored programmes for the individual.
Our formal methods include
GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, Pilates and Functional Training.

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For me, a healthy physique is strong, flexible, mobile and agile, with a healthy muscle to body fat proportion and good co-ordination. The cardiovascular, nervous, lymphatic and digestion systems should work without obstructions.I believe a good training plan should be broad and balanced. It addresses breathing, strength, mobility, functionality, cardiovascular training, skeleton movements, body fluid circulation and nerve stimulation.My work is effective because I guide clients to achieve their goals and plan the training at every stage. But although short-, mid- and long-term targets are absolutely necessary, they are rarely enough. I always include variety and unpredictable training techniques for greater stimulation to the body and to make your training sessions more fun!A professional and experienced trainer listens and observes. We make continuous modifications based on individual client abilities and progress.

About me...

Sisi Cheung
A former Personal Trainer for the Hong Kong Football Club.
I started as a full-time trainer in 2012 with the simple goal of making people happier and healthier.
My clients have included teenagers to seniors, artists, models, athletes, pre- and post- natal women and those suffering from a range of debilitating conditions. My training focuses on posture and mobility.
I teach spinal and skeletal movements and core muscle exercises to prevent everyday aches and improve flexibility and range of movement. Toning routines shape the body and focused workouts improve sports performance or aid rehabilitation.
I strive to make my training personal, efficient and enjoyable.
Now living in the UK, I want to continue to help people gain more from everyday life.


Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Polestar Pilates Mat Certified Practitioner
Pre- and Post-natal Fitness
TRX Suspension Training Course
Sport Massage Certification
Bulgarian Bag® Certification
Piloxing SSP
Zumba Basic Steps Level 1 and 2
Flexi-bar and Xco Introduction Course
Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation Certification
Workshops Attended:
Tom McCook Art of Touch – Developing Mastery with Hands on Cuing
NASM Corrective Exercise Workshop


Very good Pilates and GYROTONIC® trainer with nice home studio! Sisi's Pilates course is very professional. She individually tailors it for the audience. In combination with 1 to 1 GYROTONIC®, it absolutely boosted my body condition. Never have been so fit and felt so good. I enjoyed Sisi's training for 6 month, but mooved back to Germany. Still searching for an equivalent trainer in my home city. This turns out to be not easy as she raised the bar so high!!! Allways will book her when I'm around. Just visited her in her new home studio in Exeter and it is lovely!!!

When I took a pilates course, I was suffering a lot from my cervical disc and had a horrible lower back pain. My doctor suggested me to take a pilates class to strengthen my back muscle to prevent further injuries for my back. That was how I started to get the pilates classes with Sisi. And after few month of training, I just fell in love with pilates and now I'm myself a pilates instructor. All thanks to Sisi for her inspiration. I can’t thank enough Sisi for giving me the great positive attitude and her energetic teaching method.

Sisi was the first ever (and my only) personal trainer that I had and I am very thankful for all the fitness skills and tips she has taught me throughout my fitness journey. She made sure what my goals were in the beginning so we could come to a consensus as to what exactly I wanted to achieve and how to get there. What makes my sessions with her special was the fact that she did not just focus on, for example, burning fat - but she actually analysed my whole physique and picked out my weak areas that needed re-conditioning in order to achieve my goals further. For example, she re-adjusted my ongoing posture problems by teaching me how to strengthen corresponding muscles, which are very important because with bad posturing, even though I am still young, it could lead to early-onset osteoarthritis of my spinal bones. In general, Sisi made me work really hard during our intense sessions with the use of different and fun gym moves. She is an amazing personal trainer to have and I don't think I'll ever be able to find another trainer like her elsewhere!

Sisi is hands down the best personal trainer I have ever come across. I cannot speak highly enough about her. Mostly her adaptable style of training from someone who likes exercise to someone who hates it. (My husband - the hater of exercise - still misses her). She has an eye for posture. She listens to what you want as a client. I honestly have never had anyone like her and I miss her.

I'm a part-time rugby player. Being overweight has always been my issue. From Sisi's training, I have learned about body composition - percentages of muscle, fat and water in the body. Both my muscle and fat percentages were high. After three months training, I lost 3.6% of my body fat, but muscle mass was retained - which was our goal. During our three month programme, Sisi also advised me on my diet, which proved very helpful.

I'm really grateful to have Sisi as my personal trainer. Sisi has turned me from a person who didn't like doing exercise to a person who enjoys working out.

Sisi makes your workout very efficient. I achieved more in two one-hour sessions per week with Sisi than I did from exercising almost every day on my own. I had lower back pain for years and suffered stiff neck and shoulders from prolonged computer work. These aches have not only gone, but I now know how to spend just a few minutes stretching and limbering to feel so much better than I used to. Sisi has a good eye for identifying weaknesses, and the repertoire to select the best movements to correct them. What I like best is that Sisi demonstrates everything she teaches, then ensures you properly demonstrate it back to her. She is wonderful!

Sisi is a great trainer, I followed her Pilates class at the beginning (never had such training before in my life) and I have changed my view on Pilate altogether. It is not boring and a lot of strength is required. Then the class changed to become Core Circuit, which is actually more my cup of tea. It is hard but very rewarding after the training. My back pain is relieved as a result! Thanks Sisi for introducing me to such a great mode of exercise!

Sisi is a great personal trainer. She is warm, interested, patient and knowledgeable. She will do her homework if you have a particular problem...I have a bad shoulder and she prepared appropriate exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Her exercises are always varied so you do not get bored and are challenging enough that you see steady improvement. She has a lovely "bedside" manner so you will never feel intimidated by her strong, slim body! I highly recommend her.

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Mind for Motion's Studio - a calm and well equipped functional space located in Exeter, Devon.Tailor-made 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 - it can be scheduled from Monday to Saturday at anytime between 8am to 8pm other than the group class times.


Group Class £8 / 1 credit
Tailor-made 1:1 (60 mins) £40 / 5 credits
Tailor-made 2:1 (75 mins) £32 / 4 credits per person

Number of CreditAmount
10£76 (average £7.6/credit)
20£147 (average £7.35/credit)
30£211 (average £7.03/credit)
50£340 (average £6.8/credit)

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